Thursday, June 12, 2008

Breaking the Bad Habit that is Stall Decks

Ok, this has been irritating me more and more for a while, the crappy decks that remove your opponent from the game, and many of which aren't even cleverly excuted. Spiderman is great to see getting some game time. Too bad it's just to abuse his broken effects and not to actually play the game.
So my answer for that BS?
Starfire. Yes, Starfire. Sure, she can't do it alone, but that's the beauty of this stunt. Your opponent can't respond to any of it very well at all. So follow along with me and let's see how hard this is to do:
We want to play Starfire on turn 7. Period. She is our recruit. We also want/need Amazon to give you an extra resource on 7, so against a stall deck, you'll get to keep her around most of the time I think. We finish this trick off by using Netherworld Gift to bring back a Magneto on turn 7, chained to the start of the recovery phase triggers. So, you put the resource k.o. on first, then Starfire's stun effect. Starfire resolves, stunning the opposing field. Then, chained to the resource k.o. you Netherworld Gift Magneto in to play then recover him. This effectively locks the game out for your opponent who planned to irritate you with stall BS.
What do you have to do to make all of this happen?
We need Underworld teamed up with Brotherhood. We need Titans Teamed up with Underworld in case Starfire stuns and we need to recover her. Or X-men. Blink for instance would help out a little bit perhaps.
We need Amazon for her resource grabbing effect, which includes Thunderbolts into the mix.
Is this too involved? How can this all be done?

As an incentive, the best designed way yo do this gets 10 free unused UDE points cards. 1000 UDE point store points. I'll make my decision for best answer by Monday next week. I'll post in Monday's blog and if you are that winning deck designer just send me your address and I'll mail out your point cards.

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