Wednesday, July 9, 2008

DCU Preview: Sinestro's Might!

That's the link to get a peek at this interesting card.

Finished reading that? Read it again for good measure.

Pay Willpower.

What a clever use of the "Pay X" option introduced with Marvel Team up. Cards like this could make Willpower MUCH more interesting, and honestly, I always hoped we'd see that option explored. Now, through the dedication of a handful of serious Vs playing fans, we will get our first crack at new content featuring cards like this for our favorite Ring-slingers.

Pay Willpower. Man, I love the sound of that.

K.o. All stunned characters with cost X or less.

If you take a moment to look at the printed Willpower on the various Sinestro cards released through the UDE printed sets, Sinestro's Might offers up some mighty meaty power on the whole. all characters cost 1, 3, 5 and 6 seems pretty good. And all you have to do is pay a little Willpower.

Factor in some of the cards that bolster Willpower even temprarily, and Sinestro has the ability to off characters that cost more than himself.

The art selection for this card is pretty spiffy, featuring a great view of Ol' Big Dome himself, with his holier-than-thou forehead leading the charge.

Pay Willpower.

What will they think of next?

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Heat exhaustion is not your friend

Due to overheating earlier in the day I had to miss the tournament. Friends I hadn't seen in nearly a year were there and I missed out. Quite the suck, I must say.

So far, none of the posted winners have responded with contact information for me to send them their original artwork pieces.

I've been playing Vs on my DS a lot more lately, since it doesn't require an opponent, though I DO lose out on a lot of sets. But I love making decks and trying them out against the scenario matches where the computer starts with something special in play already. My favorite matches are the one where you start with the 7 drop Wolverine and the computer starts with Mr. Sinister. I loved the deck i built where I try to give Wolvie a Forcefield Belt and put counters on him each turn. eventually you'll play a small character to finishing move or use War Wagon on mr. Sinister, but watching the computer struggle for turns to break through Wolvie's wall of counters is worth trying that out at least once.

Another fun one is fighting against Master Mold. I was told once that you were supposed to get to start with 6 drop MAV Captain America in play, but that it was a glitch or mistake that left him out. X-men are my favorite team for busting that up.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Golden Age Bring Your Own Team event results and more

The Golden Age BYoT event had a 6 person turn out. The top three spots were taken by Brotherhood TNB Reservists, Warbound and TNB Reservists.

We got a little variety going and the event seemed to have been enjoyed by everybody in attendance.

We are trying to schedule another for this coming weekend.

The Winner of last weeks original art, Madam Hydra, is G'daybloke, who needs to contact me with his contact information.

This weeks original artwork is my WarMachine image:

As usual, to enter the drawing you must simply respond to the thread featuring the image, in this case this thread. If your name is selected as the random drawing winner, you need to contact me asap with your mailing address and I'll get your spiffy new original art mailed out to you. Simple as that.

Tonight I'm attending my last tournament in California, at Games of Berkeley, and I think it is a Modern Age constructed event. I'll be running my Avengers again, though my Sniper Shot deck (not the same thing that Eugenius was running, mine really is Punisher centric with dirty tricks up my sleeves :) ) is tempting me.

Well, I'll post back how the tournament goes and what I ran and I'll remember to post a deck list this time :)

Later, taters

Friday, July 4, 2008

Bring your own Team tournament!

I posted the event to Vsrealms last week, and learned 24 hours ago or so that the next marquee event is the same format! Sure, the official format is a little cleaner than my initial idea for the set up, but the concept looks like a lot of fun!

Vs continues to chug along like the little engine that could. The climb up the hill might be a little daunting, but that ride down is gonna be smooth sailing!

The decks to beat in my eyes are going to be Titans Doom and Avengers, though JLA shouldn't be written off too easily. Battle Training ruins Roy Harpers day pretty good I think, and Pathetic Attempt makes Titans have to run a little extra tech to get around it.

Reign of Terror will annoy many players, some for the first time in their Vs playing careers.

But the heavy hits from the Avengers will scare more than a few teams in to hiding. What will be the big winner this weekend? Check back Sunday for that update as well!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

My trip to Vs. Worlds or How to go 3-4 at VS worlds

The trip to worlds was exciting and I cannot wait until next year. New friends and internet friends mixed with old friends and a great summer time trip meant a good time was bound to be had. Even after all of the hoop jumping through that went on. Due to an error in scheduling somewhere onlg the way, I thought Worlds was the previous weekend than it actually was on. But after a little effort and the good word from a great friend, that crisis was averted better than anything DC Comics has had coming down the line lately. heh

So, with Worlds gettign under way, I brought my nearly undefeated Avengers deck that was only losing to Silver Age and Golden Age decks consistently. Well, a little paranoia goes a long way towards figuring out where the worst play mistake to make is hidden. I underestimated my opponent in round 1 and afterg ettign him to -10 he knocked me down to -19. yuck. That set the pace for my first 3 games. game 4 was against a member of the best Vs website on the internet, Vsrealms, where I faced one of the moderators himself, WalterKovacs. Well, Walt had a rough trip to get to worlds and in our game, his luck hadn't yet caught back up to him. This was a macth up I actually practiced and went over many times, and ended our game on turn 5 with me having taken no END loss the entire game.

I went on to lose my 2nd game after that one securing my place outside of day 2. Strangely, my opponent for round 7 never showed, and since he apparently had 3 wins, had he won our game he would have advanced.

While I did go on to win a draft with a solid Hulk draft, the rest of the weekend wasn't so great for me for tournament play. But even as bad as the weekend was for me personally, it was worse for many of us around the world with the loss of Michael Turner, one of the hottest artists n the comics industry today. Mike's work had finally graced the faces of a handful of Vs cards and my pal Neil over at Darkseid's Revenge had planned to contact him about some more signatures, but as fate was having it, Michael was actually in the hospital at the time we were having that very conversation. Michael Turner will be missed.

While we are on the topic of art, though, I'd like to announce the first winner of a piece of original art from my 10 piece submission series. Opticon, congratulations for being the random winner of this first image! Contact me and get me your mailing address so this puppy can make it's way to your door!

And as promised, the next piece on the chopping block is:Photobucket
A random winner will be selected for this piece on Sunday night, July 6th!

See ya'll soon!