Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Heat exhaustion is not your friend

Due to overheating earlier in the day I had to miss the tournament. Friends I hadn't seen in nearly a year were there and I missed out. Quite the suck, I must say.

So far, none of the posted winners have responded with contact information for me to send them their original artwork pieces.

I've been playing Vs on my DS a lot more lately, since it doesn't require an opponent, though I DO lose out on a lot of sets. But I love making decks and trying them out against the scenario matches where the computer starts with something special in play already. My favorite matches are the one where you start with the 7 drop Wolverine and the computer starts with Mr. Sinister. I loved the deck i built where I try to give Wolvie a Forcefield Belt and put counters on him each turn. eventually you'll play a small character to finishing move or use War Wagon on mr. Sinister, but watching the computer struggle for turns to break through Wolvie's wall of counters is worth trying that out at least once.

Another fun one is fighting against Master Mold. I was told once that you were supposed to get to start with 6 drop MAV Captain America in play, but that it was a glitch or mistake that left him out. X-men are my favorite team for busting that up.


Anonymous said...

Where have you been posting the winners?

I played through the VS DS a few times, almost managed to replicate my pier pressure deck thanks to judicious pack buying :)

tchalla said...

My Sunday post each week (READ: EARLY Monday morning typically) are the posts that announce the winner's screenname, but like I said, so far, there've been no responses. lol