Friday, July 4, 2008

Bring your own Team tournament!

I posted the event to Vsrealms last week, and learned 24 hours ago or so that the next marquee event is the same format! Sure, the official format is a little cleaner than my initial idea for the set up, but the concept looks like a lot of fun!

Vs continues to chug along like the little engine that could. The climb up the hill might be a little daunting, but that ride down is gonna be smooth sailing!

The decks to beat in my eyes are going to be Titans Doom and Avengers, though JLA shouldn't be written off too easily. Battle Training ruins Roy Harpers day pretty good I think, and Pathetic Attempt makes Titans have to run a little extra tech to get around it.

Reign of Terror will annoy many players, some for the first time in their Vs playing careers.

But the heavy hits from the Avengers will scare more than a few teams in to hiding. What will be the big winner this weekend? Check back Sunday for that update as well!

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Anonymous said...

You forgot the awesomenessof the Crime Lords